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How to care for your Brooke product

Looking after your Brooke product

We understand that when you buy a quality product from The Brooke Co. you want it to look as good as new for as long as possible. Whilst we can’t promise that the small children using it will stay spotlessly clean (and resist the urge to head to their favourite chair with that bag of chocolate buttons!) we can offer you the following tips to help keep your products looking beautiful for many years to come.

  • Vacuum armchairs and other upholstered surfaces regularly with a soft brush attachment to remove crumbs and loose bits
  • The fabrics we use are very resistant to water based stains, but for best results spills and stains should be tackled as soon as they happen. If liquid is spilled on an upholstered surface then soak up as much as you can with white paper towels or a pale towel (to avoid colour transfer) and then wash the affected area with a warm mild soap solution and soft cloth. Try not to soak the area any more than necessary. Blot to almost dry with paper towels or a clean pale towel. Repeat a few times if you need to. Never use chemicals or direct heat. I can’t guarantee that any specialist upholstery cleaners wont damage Brooke products so please use these at your own discretion. Once the stain has been removed and as much water as possible has been blotted out then leave to dry naturally.
  • For painted and varnished surfaces wipe clean regularly with a barely damp cloth, but never soak. Use a warm mild soap solution if needed to remove smudges, fingerprints etc.
  • For curtains and blinds- dust regularly and vacuum with a soft brush attachment if needed. Curtains and blinds may be spot-washed following the fabric advice above, but are not machine washable unless expressly stated. Please seek advice from a specialist upholstery cleaner if your curtains and blinds need cleaning, showing them the fabric composition to guide them on best method of cleaning. Please avoid ironing curtains and blinds to avoid shrinkage.
  • For fabric by the metre – please see the individual product pages for guidance on how to care for that fabric.

If the worst should happen… The Brooke Repair Service is here to help.

All of the materials and fabrics we use have been carefully selected to suit children’s products and the typical usage our products get around families and young children. So the majority of the time spills and stains can be removed using the above method – however, if you have a product that has become permanently stained or damaged please contact us to talk about a repair. Often furniture can be partially re-built or replaced and we can arrange for products to be collected, repaired and returned to you for you to continue to use and enjoy.

To speak to us about a repair please contact us providing the product identification code if available and photographs showing the damaged area to allow us to provide a repair quote.