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Fabric Sample Service

The Brooke Co. offers a completely free sample service on all fabrics so that we can help our customers to be able to decide which fabric to buy. We understand that it can be very difficult choosing fabrics online and getting a good idea of how a fabric will look and feel before an order is made. Whilst we have tried to represent all fabrics as accurately as possible on this website and on all our social media channels, colours can vary on different monitors and screens, customers browsing on mobile devices are often looking at very small thumbnail images and it can also be difficult to imagine how a fabric will look and feel in real life. It may also be that customers would like to colour match a fabric to a specific colour palette in the rest of the room being decorated. This is why we have chosen to offer a completely free sample service to help those customers considering a fabric purchase from Brooke. Sample sizes vary but are typically around 15cm x 15cm.

As this is a small business and this service is provided at a cost to us, we do need to offer this fabric sample service with certain restrictions:

  • Only 1 sample of each fabric design may be ordered
  • Samples will usually be dispatched in 1-3 business days
  • Samples being sent to the UK will be sent by Royal Mail first class. Samples being sent overseas will be sent via airmail. We do not provide tracking/signed for services on fabric samples due to the extra costs incurred.
  • Occasionally we have experienced people requesting fabric samples who have no intention of making a fabric purchase from us (eg to make items to resell, for quilting etc.) Whilst this is very rare, it is not something we can sustain as a small business. If we do suspect that free samples are being ordered with no intention to purchase, then we do reserve the right to refuse to send out samples in these cases.

If our sample service doesn’t meet your needs for whatever reason we are always happy for you to contact us to discuss your individual needs.