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4 Reasons why shopping small will make you feel like a superhero

Over the last few years, I have become a huge advocate for shopping with small businesses.  I am so inspired every day by small business owners, especially those who like me make their own products, who put their incredible crafts out into the world again and again.  Thanks to the beautiful world of social media we can now easily find small companies, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs crafting the most original, gorgeous things for us to buy and enjoy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the business giants like Amazon and Apple as much as the next woman but, I am definitely noticing a shift in my spending over the years more and more towards small business buys.  As well as having some amazing things which I now use and enjoy every day, it also feels pretty good to know that I am supporting more people who, like me, have taken the leap out of the corporate world into the role of business owner.  

If you find that most of your money usually goes to big corporations, read on for my top 4 reasons why a few small business purchases will leave you feeling pretty darn good!

1)    You are literally making dreams come true…
When you buy something from a small business, you are supporting someone’s dream, their family and so much more.  Almost all small businesses were started with the dream of a better life, for the owner to do something they love day in and day out whilst also allowing them to set their own schedules and be more present for their families – a dream only made possible by the ongoing support of their loyal customers.  There’s a lovely saying that when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance and it is so true!  Those who have been brave enough to give up a cosy paid corporate job to become self-employed have taken a leap of faith and staked everything because they really believe their product or service will be valued and loved by people.  Trust me, small business owners thank and value every single customer and every single transaction.

2)    You are about to start looking seriously good!
If you decorate your home only by buying mass-produced items from big companies, the chances are the end result will be bland, boring and wont feel like you.  Add in some items that really reflect your interests and personality and suddenly those bland spaces become beautiful, warm and welcoming.  Little companies are the most creative in the world and often each piece comes with its own story – add handmade art or accessories and your home will look original, unique and stylish, capturing your personality in a beautiful way.  Leaving you feeling like an interior-design genius of course. Hello Pinterest! 

3)    Gold-standard customer service and shopping experience
Small businesses these days face endless competition and their reputation is crucial for their success so they constantly need to compete to stay ahead in their game.  And with social media posting commentary on every single business there is no hiding from bad reviews!

For customers this is great news.  Intense competition and a ‘survival of the fittest’ culture means that companies simply have to offer great quality – they cannot fake it.  This means that when you shop with a small business you are likely to be treated with great quality products and gold-standard customer service.  You wont be hit with a generic customer service email template or be put on hold with a call centre – you may even know the person you are talking to – this is great because you get that personal touch but also the confidence that you know who you can talk to if you have a problem.  

If you’ve experienced great customer experience from a small business why not take to social media and share the love?  Sharing great reviews helps lift that business higher meaning they can offer the same quality to others.

4)    And finally…because the benefits don’t stop with your purchase
Your purchase from a small business will definitely benefit both you and the business owner, but have you thought that your impact could be even further than that?
A survey of small business owners found that they are an incredibly generous bunch with 52% having donated some of their profits to charity in the last year.  Small business owners are also more likely to pay it forward and support other small businesses, re-investing their money back into their local community and the UK business community.  In other words, your purchase allows the growth of the local economy, the creation of jobs, furthers creativity, boosts innovation and supports charitable causes.  Come on – have I convinced you!?

Whilst I hope you agree that buying from small businesses is a really great thing to do, the even better news is you can support businesses without making purchases every time.  If you know of any businesses that you really love, even if you havn’t purchased from them yet, please do get out there and show your support.  Follow them on social media, like and share their posts, leave a review, tag in a friend who might like them, share a link through to their website – all of these things help to expand their network, reach more people and will promote the great work they are doing to others.

Until next time,

Remember to support those #smallbusinesses lovely people!

Louise x